Sunday June 1st

Today is our free day to do as we choose so the first thing we do- sleep in!! After a leisure breakfast we take the tube to the area of Buckingham Palace. Upon our arrival the crowds were overwhelming! What is going on?? Changing of the guard!! We wiggled our way through the crowds, held up our cameras and obtained some great pictures of the ceremony. How lucky of us!!! Off to Hyde park. A triathlon is taking place so we couldn’t rent bikes. We wander through a beautiful rose garden – they smelled amazing! We walked toward the pond in search for ice cream. We come upon a cafe and enjoy a nice lunch. We continue to walk by the pond and find the Princess Dianna memorial. It is a water feature that had drawn a great crowd of families with children playing in the water. The Princess would be pleased to see the children so happy. Walking towards the side of the park we come upon the Royal Albert Hall and memorial. Beautiful!! We take the bus to Harrods. What a place! We shop for souvenirs and attempt to get some ice cream…. £14 for a scoop! So we head back to the room to rest. We venture out for Thai food at Busabba. Very good Pad Thai. We return to the room around 10, in bed around 1130.


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