London Day 3

Jade and I had no trouble sleeping. We are staying in an ‘Easy Hotel’ which is new concept for us. Just a bed and bathroom- that’s it. No table, chair, phone, one towel. Very clean, I think I like this concept. Our wifi unit was not ready at the airport so we are using the lobby to facetime home. Today we had breakfast at the neatest little cafe ‘Prets a Manger’, fresh made breakfast sandwiches, fruits and coffee. Afterward we headed for the tube, we each take turns maneuvering to our destination. This morning is overcast with a light drizzle. Next…. The Tower of London!

1000 boarded a tour boat on the Thames River to take us to the Tower of London. The bridge came up which was very cool to see. The Crown Jewels are simply amazing! They are my favorite sight so far! Afterward we walked to across the millennium bridge to view the Shakespeare Globe. We ate lunch at a Nando which was wonder and spicey. We then took the tube to Covent Garden.


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